Discordia - Camara Con La Banda

Endorsed By: Vagina Guitars http://www.vaginaguitars.com Discordia has been described as listening to a Metal version of old Hammer film soundtracks. According to The San Francisco National Examiner, the band "goes well beyond what most would consider a metal band," to capture the core essence of their iconic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock forefathers with today's modern sensibility. Discordia is a Dark Symphonic Metal Band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Some may even argue to say they were the first of it's genre from the SF Bay. If not, they are definitely the most recognizable and influential. Ever since they emerged onto the scene in 2011 there has been a number of new Symphonic and Power Metal bands forming in The SF Bay Area (even as far as Sacramento and Central Valley CA). Songwriter Bobby Cannon and founder stated in Guitar Player Magazine "it was no easy task to find like minded musicians to play music with. The area is over populated with Death Metal, NU Metal and the general public being fed manufactured music by the mainstream media. Discordia brings the talents of respected touring veterans Bobby Cannon, Elijah Losch and Joel Krueger. Becca McCabe brings the symphonic element to the band with her years of classical training, orchestrating and scoring music for films and video games. Add the incredible vocal delivery of Cindy Cannon and you have a unique symphonic sound with an dark elegance that has found a legion of followers worldwide. With the 2015 release of the band’s debut self titled EP and a full length album on the way, Discordia has been on heavy rotation on every major metal internet radio station. They have been interviewed and praised continuously all across the globe on numerous online magazines. Where do they go from here? Discordia will continue to push themselves further to created an unforgettable collection of timeless Symphonic Metal that will continue to win the hearts of Metal lovers worldwide.