Murderock - Camara Con La Banda

Murderock Murderock was discovered only recently in the desert wastelands of Nevada, but the band as been around for decades with different line-ups. While the line-ups may have changed over the years, the band members have always been family. The Ferox clan started (as far as anyone knows) back at the turn of the 19th century. The original Ferox Bros. Band consisted of Malachi "Big Daddy" Ferox, the great-great Grandfather of the current line-up as well as his 3 brothers, Joseph, Paul and Zeb. Their music style was far from anything resembling "rock 'n' roll", the original brothers played what now would be considered folk/blues. The Ferox Brothers' music evolved through every line-up change. The current incarnation of the band consists of: Franky Ferox on guitar, Paulie Ferox on bass, Zachy "Zacula" Ferox on drums, and Freddie Ferox on vocals. Said to be feral desert folk, the history of the Ferox brothers is surrounded by mystery, death and even rumors of cannibalism. Franky, Paulie, Zachy and Freddie grew up differently than their father and grandfathers did, thanks mostly due to their mother, Edie "Momma" Ferox. Edie took her sons away from the rest of the Ferox clan and tried to raise them differently...but old habits die hard. In 1981, Edie opened a video store in the small Nevada town of Devil's Lick (it's not on any map, don't waste your time). Striving in vain to give her sons a "normal" upbringing, the boys could not be tamed. Ultimately her sons were raised on VHS movies (mainly horror) and hard rock and heavy metal music. Eventually the boys learned how to play instruments and the seeds of Murderock were sewn. Edie also ran a towing company which would open the door for those old Ferox murderous habits to start again. People that found themselves stranded in the Nevada desert with brokedown vehicles in the 80's, 90's and '00s often ended up on missing persons lists. Soon the boys were living on a steady diet of splatter movies, thrash metal and human meat. This was all well and good until the recent recession and Edie had to close up her businesses and her health started to deteriorate as well. It was time for Momma's sons to venture away from their desert home and towards the main population for money and food. Sometime in the 90's the Ferox clan welcomed a little sister, Sammi into the fold. Considering Edie's age at the time and the fact that Big Daddy Ferox had been dead for many years, it is rumored that Sammi was actually kidnapped as an infant and raised by Edie as her own. Edie had always longed for a little girl and all she could ever produce were boys...boys that grew to be horrible, horrible men. While she may not be blood to the Ferox clan, she was raised to be as wild as rabid hyena and twice as deadly.